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Maybe the healer was just a con man?

I realize that lots of psychics are outright scammers/mentalists playing tricks with your mind. They’ll use cold and hot reading techniques to find out all about you. I can’t possibly see how I could have been scammed though (see my story). It’s as crazy to me as it is to you. However, as a scientific person I do suspect genuine psychics (if they exist) might be able to tap into some sort of information out there that finds the root cause next to the label “geographic tongue”. Maybe there’s nothing paranormal to it, it might just be that fact that there is no science behind geographic tongue and its origin that has yet been discovered. Maybe in the year 2590 reading the data from this so called ‘cloud database’ that the healer is able to tap into is a normal practice, while to us right now, it’s simply a miracle. Compare it to a phone call to someone from the middle ages. That would be magical!

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