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Recent testimonials

Since this website has only been online since November 2019 there aren’t too many testimonials available. I do realize that buying a digital downloadable and non-refundable product isn’t exactly trust generating. I do hope soon, new testimonials will come in from happy buyers. You can send in your own testimonial (anonymous if desired) through the form below. Also, don’t forget to check the FAQ section.

Send in your own testimonial with the form below! ↓ ↓ 

Alison J. O., USA

Thank you for this, Alison

Junior E., South Africa

“We have bought this ebook last month or so for our 3y son. We see his tongue clearing up now this week !! Is this really it!!? I believe so!”

Update. Junior and his wife contacted me again via email. “We want to thank you again for helping us and our son Jakobo. Everything is going well and Jak is eating well”

Erik, Danmark

“I never really write reviews but (redacted: site owner) asked me for a review: well! This shit works!! Thank you thankuu”

J. Stragier, The Netherlands

“I bought The Formula on Jan 24, 2020. Indeed, about 3 weeks into the treatment now I notice a big difference. I also feel less stressed and sleep better and deeper?? Might have something to do with it too? I am now in the planned intermediate phase in which I have to use the products less often. I feel uncomfortable doing so because it is going so well. But it is specifically stated in the instructions, so I will certainly follow it! I am very very happy so far!

B. Bilić, Croatia

“tried downloading the ebook. At first there were some issues with the Paypal payment system but after some help from the webmaster(??) I was able to pay the 79 dollars. It’s been about 2 weeks now and I am strictly following the instructions with the first 4 products. I think I am already seeing some improvements! Hope it’s not just a fluke! Greetings from Croatia btw”

L. Ferreira, country unknown

“Just bought the formula very recently. I can’t tell yet if it works or not but I can tell I did get a pdf document with all the instructions, a schedule and the products I needed. Paga lo que debes y sabrás lo que tienes:)-)”

Katrien Van Braekel, Belgium

(translated from Dutch) “I met (redacted) via his ex-girlfriend who told me he also used to suffer from GT. We got in contact long before this website was created. I was given the recipes (now called ‘the formula’) for free and in return would endorse the product publicly if I it helped me too. It’s been about 3 years now and I can absolutely say I have been cured 95%. I still do get lesions very occasionally but they no longer hurt at all and go away within 2-3 days.”

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