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How I got cured from painful geographic tongue in about 3 weeks.

It’s quite a story but trust me, it will be worth reading if you are looking for the cure.

Back in 2004 I graduated from an European college with a Master in Applied Sciences. (FYI, English is my third language). The holiday after college ended I had a dry, sticky tongue and I noticed some weird stingy lesions on the sides. I started investigating whatever was to be found on the internet back then and came to learn that I had geographic tongue (GT). Initially I did visit my doctor but the poor man had no idea what it was.

I landed my first job in 2005 and suffered through life with pain and lesions on the tip of my tongue giving me a very hard time to speak to my clients. My tongue got lesions and very painful patches on the tip by this time, and it was getting difficult and often painful to speak. 

In search for a cure of GT

Like so many of you I first went to my doctor. Then came the long line of ‘specialists’ and my own countless and countless hours of searching the internet.

Click to see the list of all the treatments I tried, up until 2010 > read more

Yes, my tongue today isn’t going to win beauty contests any time soon -the large crack in the middle and the dental marks on the sides and an occasional pain-free lesion- but it feels better than ever and most importantly: it does not hurt anymore.

The list above is even longer. I probably forgot about so many ‘remedies’ I tried, but trust me, I was willing to try everything. I tried pretty much everything that I was suggested via the web that looked ‘reasonable or logical’.

After years of trying & failing however I was extremely lucky to finally find the solution to GT.

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