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So, who’s behind

Although I have been cured of this horrendous condition I’d like to remain sort of anonymous. 😉 Well, that is, until you contact me personally via email. I’ll be glad to show you my real contact data. I just don’t like my full name to be out in the open related to geographic tongue.

Geographic tongue is an embarrassing condition. (at least, it was to me) Even after so many years I’d still don’t want people to know I once suffered from this weird condition. While it is proven that geographic tongue is not caused by bacteria, viruses, bad hygiene or anything like that, the fact is, people are grossed out by it. This condition can ruin your life, physically and emotionally.

I live in Europe (GMT +1) and English is not my first language.

If you wish to contact me you can do so via this form. If desired we can set up a video call via so you can see me.

Check out the FAQ section too!

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Hi! If you like we can simply chat on Whatsapp.
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